From the President



Now that Deerfield Island Park is once again open, our "Friends" group has an opportunity to play a valuable role in helping the Broward County Department of Parks and Recreation promote this important "Urban Wilderness" as a special environmental and educational space. The Parks Department has lots of exciting plans for the island.
We are looking for new and existing members to join us in becoming an active part of our organization. There are lots of ways you can help. Become a board member and help in planning and executing new programs and projects; help our group's administration and outreach using Constant Contact and our Website; keep our social media presence fresh and up-to-date; help with our organization's bookkeeping and finances; become an Ambassador and greet visitors to the island.
Active participation in our group will give you the opportunity to learn about Florida flora and fauna, ecology, our native Gopher Tortoises, and much more.
It is one small way to that you can be part of helping our community and our planet and you will find it personally rewarding.
Feel free to contact us for more information.
Hope to see you on the island.